Shaping your swimming potential 

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  1. Do I need to get in the lesson with my child?

    No. The instructor teaches from the water.

  2. Should I bring armbands?

    Yes, if your child is a non swimmer. The teacher will provide alternative aids as they progress.

  3. Am I required to pay up front for lessons and how much are they?

    Yes. This will guarantee your place. Group lessons are £8.50 per lesson. One to one lessons are £17 per lesson.

  4. Is there a viewing area?

    Yes. You can sit on pool side during sessions at all our venues.

  5. Will my child achieve an award each term?

    Yes. However the ASA Award Scheme stages can take a few terms to pass. Instructors will be happy to explain the criteria for you.

  6. How long are the lessons?

    30 minutues.

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